The aim of this program is to give you the knowledge on sociological theories and the ways through which these theories can be criticized.

It will help you gain skills that will allow you to build your own hypothesis, plan and execute a research. This course will also give you theories that are created by the most influential people in the field of sociology – Emile Durkheim, Max Webber, Michel Foucault and etc.

You will be trained in presenting you results, which you will use in order to show how you planned and executed your research, what was your hypothesis and theory.

You will be able to conduct a research on the issue that you are most interested about and see for yourself – what it means to be a sociologist and what your life will be like if you become one.


Course Information
  • Days:Apply Now
  • Timings: Duration:
    4 months
    Number of students in a group:
    around 8

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