With this course you will learn about the process through which contemporary Georgian and International law is created and changed. You will also learn how different types of law works in different countries and societies.

Learning law in this program not only includes lectures and seminars, but it also covers academic journals, gives you a chance to participate in imitated court sessions and public lecture debates.

During the course you will get to know International, Blood, Constitutional, Administrative and Business Law. You will have a chance to experience the professional life of a lawyer: you will work on a legal documents and try to solve a real-life legal problem.

After this course, you will be able to conduct independent academic research, and if you become interested in one of the disciplines of law, you will be better equipped to start studying law at a university.

You will also know the specificities of every professional role in law – court practice, legal education, private and international legal practice, working at public and international organizations.



Course Information
  • Days:Apply Now
  • Timings: Duration:
    4 months
    Number of students in a group:
    around 8

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