About Us

The aim of Georgian Academy is to provide the highest quality education to school students.

The aim of Georgian Academy is to provide the highest quality education to school students. It focuses on the provision of in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the university subjects that will help students find out what they are passionate about.


Choosing the right university subject is one of the most difficult decisions one can make in one’s lifetime. School students do not have a chance to rationally decide which university subject one wants to choose. The reason for this is that Georgian schools do not offer students university subjects during their school time. This makes it extremely difficult for them to realize what it will be like to choose certain career in their future. For instance, it is hard to know what it will entail to be a salesperson or an advocate or a web-developer – what one’s everyday life will be like if they choose these professions. This affects one’s motivation in life as they have not fully realized what they want to achieve.


Georgian Academy, consisting of highly qualified lecturers, helps every student to gain quality education, become critical thinkers and by developing one’s abilities to the highest level, helps them to rationally decide what they really want to achieve in their lives. Many university subjects are not taught at schools (e.g. economics, law, philosophy and etc.). This is the reason why students do not have a clear idea about what their desired professions consists of.


Doing our university courses will help you make a correct choice, and making a correct choice in choosing the profession is then linked to developing one’s abilities to the fullest and becoming a successful person in life. The course will help you see what your true abilities and interests are, which will play a crucial role in deciding what to choose as a profession.


Teaching Method

The most innovative teaching method in the 21st century is to concentrate on mastering a subject and incorporating theoretical and practical aspects in the course.

This is the method we use at Georgian Academy. Students are not given scores at the end of the course, which makes them focused on studying the subject rather than getting a higher score. Student’s aim is not to get a high score; it is to keep one’s standards on how good one wants to be in certain field. Students will be evaluated based on the project they will prepare during the course.

Creating a project allows student to use the theoretical knowledge one gets during the course in practice and sees what works better in real-life situations. Thus, a student finishing our course has highest quality theoretical education with practical experience that makes one more able to make future life decisions more rationally.


Our teachers are one of the best in Georgia who have academic degrees in the field they are teaching at Georgian Academy.

They also have an experience in working at university and working in the fields of their professions.

This allows them to have updated and newest knowledge on the existing theories and practical experience in their fields. This makes them more fit to teach in our learning environment – teaching theoretical and practical knowledge to our students.